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We customize every blonding service to make your hair dreams come true!

Scroll down for information on each blonding service we offer and which one best suits you
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What does each service mean and which one is right for me?

All Prices below are for services with a Level 1 Stylist
*Prices may vary depending on what Stylist you see within our Salon Company

What is a Partial Foil?

A very subtle brightening service. This is the best fit for guests who are wanting highlights framing the face. This is also a good service for in-between full foils. This service has a 6-8 week expiration date.

What is a Full Foil or Partial Balayage?

This is a good go-to option and is a good fit for first-time guests wanting to see blended brightness. For a retouch, this is where you'll see more saturation. This service has an 8-12 week expiration date.
Full Foil: $126+
Partial Balayage: $141+

What is a Mega Highlight or Full Balayage?

Higher saturated blonde placement. This is a good fit for guests with thick/long hair or guests without any existing highlights who want to see a lot of brightening. To keep up with the blinding process, this service has a 6+ week expiration date.
Mega Foil: $156+
Full Balayage: $176+

What is a Volume Highlight?

This is the best fit for guests with extremely long or thick hair who want to see a big change or need extra attention. If you haven't been to the salon in over a year and have a lot of hair, this is the service for you! To keep up with this blonding process this service has a 6+ week expiration date.

I'm still not sure what I need... what should I do?

Call, text, or message us on Instagram and we can set up a complimentary consultation in the salon or we can do a mini one via your preferred method of contact.
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